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Discover the Coast - Semegran and Grunig Exhibit

Barry Semegran

Wood Artist

August 2015 CHAC Exhibit

with Rozann Grunig, Photographer

After more than thirty years of woodworking, I decided to feature local wood species (Northern California Coastal Range) in this exhibit of my latest work. It is timely and relevant since this exhibit is being held in conjunction with the DISCOVER THE COAST celebration of our enlarged marine sanctuary and the BLM Stornetta Lands.   Discovering the beauty and colors of the wood of our native species of trees and shrubs is my objective in this exhibit. I can only hope that I did so well enough to show once again that we live in a place of incredible beauty whether it be on a large scale or small detail.

Early settlers to this area had available both structurally superior trees such as Douglas fir and weather resistant species such as redwood to mill and use for shelter.   These two species became financially significant to the wood industries that settled here in the following decades. Many other species of trees in our coastal area were and continue to be of little or no interest to these industries for reasons ranging from lack of high volume in a given area for profitable harvest, fair or poor lumber quality, and difficulty drying without significant splitting, warping and cupping.   However, there are some local mills that process small amounts of tan oak, cypress, madrone, black oak, pepperwood, claro walnut, among others.   Just because a species is not of interest for large scale harvesting does not necessarily signify much about the beauty and color of the lumber.   You will see some of these woods used in my creations for this show; the beauty of color, grain and figure in these woods are indeed local treasures brought into the light.  

  Poster for August 1 2015 v3 Opening copy