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Santa Rosa Symphony conductors podium and music stand

A commission to build the conductors podium and music stand for the Santa Rosa Symphony was mentioned in the Symphony's October 2013 newsletter.  Reprinted below with permission from Jennie Orvino, marketing associate for the Symphony and author of the newsletter article about the podium.

Beautiful new podium for Maestro Ferrandis

BrunoPodiumJim Lotter has a preference for elegant design. The SRS subscriber of 30-plus years knew that the Green Music Center provided a conductor's podium, but discovered that Bruno Ferrandis needed something different in size and shape. Jim, an Air Force fighter pilot by profession who has worked in remodeling, carpentry and home design, wanted to create and donate a podium that would be aesthetically compatible with Weill Hall and would suit the maestro's needs.

After a process of consultation and refinement of specifications, Jim worked with furniture maker Barry Semegran, his Mendocino Coast neighbor, to build a maple wood and fir podium that made its debut at the SRS October concerts.

Jim described the features: "The podium has an attached music stand with both rigid and adjustable posts, with stylish knobs and a clear acrylic tray. When it's being stored, these pieces are removed and fastened underneath the podium box, which rides on its side on its own dolly. The optional safety rail also fits on the dolly. The whole thing is very compact and easily movable."

A brass plaque on the orchestra side of the podium reads "The Herb Lotter Memorial Podium" in honor of Jim's father. "Dad had a great love of music. In his younger years, he played flute and drums, in dance bands and military bands. He also conducted."

Next time you come to a concert, take a good look at Jim Lotter's beautiful and generous gift. He lives a "stone's throw" from the ocean, and manages vacation rentals, including an intimate Cliffside resort called "Serenisea." We're all invited.