Woodworker / Artist


life in Gualala
windswept gnarled doug fir
our tough as nails paradise

sunset over the Pacific
                                                                from a ridgetop in Gualala

                                                        (photo and haiku by barry semegran)

Born and raised in New York City, I was able to take advantage of a broad range of cultural facilities and activities. My earliest interests, however, definitely were science oriented and this carried through my first years of academic study at UC San Diego pursuing chemistry and marine biology.

Finding modern scientific thought to be too much analysis and not enough synthesis, I began studying Philosophy at UC Santa Barbara, especially Ancient Greek Philosophy. Known as the "Queen of the Sciences", Philosophy afforded me the opportunity to contemplate the most general principles such as being, goodness, and beauty and to study other's attempts to become enlightened or understand these things. I continued with post-graduate work in Ancient Greek Philosophy and Classics at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

My interest in art and aesthetics stem from my fascination with the beauty inherent in every aspect of our universe, be it on the microscopic level all the way to the galactic. My abilities in art or craft stem most likely in part from my genetic inheritance combined with my persistence in learning, as well as I can, whatever subject grabs my interest and concentration. Woodworking has done so for more than 25 years.

I make custom tables, blanket chests, easels, lamps, screens, beds, built-ins and lathe turned accessories for many of the spectacular homes along the Mendocino/Sonoma coast. Living in redwood country affords me the opportunity to built outdoor furniture using this beautiful and durable wood. Now you can purchase my creations no matter where you live. Please explore my web site and contact me for further information.

Barry Semegran
PO Box 776
Gualala, CA 95445







     about trees and wood 

                                               by barry semegran 



cold brown stiff redwood needles

sown by the fall wind

forest floor throw rug




southwind rain gusts

bristling NW weathered trees

nape hair forward blown




dew filled spider webs

tensely woven in the sun

hold up the dead limbs




redwood needles strewn

by pruning south wind

Gualala’s winter gardener




tiny birds perch

winter’s naked branches

in feathered foliage




decades in giant’s shadow

yet still young

a side shoot succumbs contorted






frontyard, old family tree

branch tips flesh out spring growth

from ancient roots




ridge fall colors rise

amidst live greens of summer

torchfire bronzed Doug fir




flash flood bent myrtle

trapped in log strewn creek

no twig appeared out of place




cycles of sun energy

build season around season

rings of the tree




tall forested Gualala

redwoods seek the light

and the waving kelp





stars hang behind

solstice lights sway on and off

sequoia limbs




binding dead limbs

dew filled spider webs

taut in the drying sun




crown of white crowned sparrows

coronates a winter

tree with feathered foliage




spring douglas iris

crouching in low grass looking up

at its skyreaching namesake




through a hollow snag

the Gualala wind flutes notes

pitched to song sparrows




hands and nose working wood

layered rings of perfumed days

logging in to eternity




redwood limbs

waving to the sea

beckon hugging fog





wrinkled woodturner

speaks of sawdust past

shaved from exotic crotches chucked




sun warmed niche

seek shade and shiver

goofy, woodsy Gualala




second growth redwoods

sorry I missed your folks

siblings encircle grave




redwood towering

close, newly emerged sapling

it is, no envy




fresh scent of woods

cellulose curls and shavings

unswept shop at dawn




stiff winds in creaking redwoods

needled sails so tall

riding the ship Gualala





summer colors Gualala

salmon steaks barbecue

fresh sawn redwood rounds




below a brilliant sun

fog needles drip

too early redwood evening



underneath scorching sun

needles drip fog

too early redwood evening




watching the fireplace

years and years of wooden sunshine

rewarming our home




trees stories tall

folding creekside

now bookmatched on the beach




windshadow pine meadow

needles harbor salt spray

weeping on seedlings






male yellow dust clouds

the air

pine pollen reigns

both sides of the road




cold stiff needles

sown by the fall redwood


stitch the shirt to my back




sunset climbs lightly

to the redwood crown

becoming starlight



well-worn redwood floor

struck by life's mint

indented patina



decades in giant's shadow

a young side shoot

succumbs contorted



cold stiff redwood needles

sown by the fall wind

carpets the forest floor



long, leathery leaves

August season encrusted

and the bone dry roots




straight and narrow with windings

redwood's poison oak wrap

logging armor




balanced and guided forces

divide the seasons

driving nails by feel



redwood towering

close by, newly emerged sapling

they are; no envy



second growth redwoods

sorry to have missed your folks

siblings encircle grave



stacking oak firewood

counting warm cozy evenings

none ever for sure



redwood branch tips

upturned hundreds fold

trees on trees



                                       above haiku by barry semegran





























"Barry Semegran is a master furniture builder of incomparable skill
and vision. Our home is filled with many of his lovely pieces."

-- M. & B. C., The Sea Ranch, CA


"I was out of town when the chest ...was delivered. Your beautiful

chest! I was bowled over by its beauty and craftsmanship...we hope

you might be talked into another commission."

--R. C., Ojai, CA


"Thank you again for your fine craftsmanship. We are very pleased. Enclosed

is your balance due with a little extra for you. ...We will have the opportunity

to show off your fine work, each time someone enters our home.

I'm certain your skills will be in great demand and we would

be very happy to recommend you to anyone."

--C. & B. D., Gualala, CA


"My wife and I had for a few years been looking for a cabinet that would complete our home, a final piece of furniture that would light up the room. By chance I came across Barry Semegrans web page and saw a lot of beautiful pieces, especially a wine cabinet that was a collaboration of Barry Semegran and Adelle Platt. With the help of Barry Semegran we found a shipping solution that would take the cabinet to Sweden, Europe, for a reasonable price. Two weeks later we were very happy to see that it was even more beautiful in real life, made with the type of craftmanship you normally don't see today. It now gives our living room that extra something we were hoping and waiting for."
Peter Sjoblom, Stockholm, Sweden